We create your ambience living

What we offer

We are specialized in supplying 4 &5 star beach resort hotels, tropical resorts and villas with contemporary designed hospitality essentials.
We custom make the products which are practical and aesthetic in use to help you create the ambiance your target clients will enjoy.
Our collection contains lighting products, hotel room accessories, bathroom amenities and soft furnishing. Our products make the guests experience various ambiances by light reflection, beauty, perfume, shape, texture and color.

Our philosophy

V Design company was created in 2009 with idea to add a contemporary touch to Indonesian hospitality essentials, drawing on Indonesia’s rich natural resources and long tradition of craftsmanship.
At V Design we know that every space has a different propose, with different type of target customer in mind. At VDesign we believe that design is functional art for living and because of that we specialize in creating contemporary hospitality essentials which can easily be integrated into the brand and design to create the ambiance the guests will love.
We love the challenge of helping the customers create the ambiance for their target clients with V Design products. We use existing products from several different collections or I custom make the product to interpret my clients brand into the object. We help our clients at hospitality industry interpret their target client’s character into the space and create the ambiance that clients can relate to. The creative process never ends!
Normally we are looking for inspiration in nature, from playing with materials or the function we want the product to have and the way people will actually make use of the product. We try to see the interaction between the object which we would like to create, the people who will use it and the space where this object will be used.


“V Senses “ is V Design brand , we create a different ambiance by stimulating “ the 5 Senses”, we also consider the functionality and easy maintenance of the product.

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