How we work

At V Design we believe that our products are the embodiment of harmony between the location of our clients, the requirements to the functionality of the objects, beauty and a relaxing ambiance where the guests of our clients feel at home.
The first contact with our clients is usually a discussion about an idea. We add our opinion and use our creativity to develop a concept that might be suitable for the purpose of the client. Samples from our collection and sketches will make visible what the concept is about. At some point objects will be produced and delivered for a demonstration at the location or to carry out the wishes of our clients after they made a decision.
In short we can distinguish between the following activities:

  • Discussion about ideas – free of charge
  • Development of a general concept aimed at agreeing on the wishes of the client – free of charge
  • Quotation – free of charge
  • Borrowing the samples – free of charge (on the basis of a borrowing agreement)
  • Designing products for the client –according to agreement on the basis of a quotation
  • Production and delivery – according to agreement on the basis of a quotation


Veny Lydiawati– founder and creative director of V Design

Born in Yogyakarta in 1976, Veny Lydiawati is an Indonesian designer who learned industrial design at the Department of Tunghai University in Taiwan in 2000. During her career as product designer she took interior design courses at the Domus Academia, in Milan, Italy with Giulio Ceppi and Industrial Design course at the Domus Academia in Milan, Italy with Stefanno Giovanni. She also studied at the School of Design in Naba, Italy. In 2009, confident in the experiences she gained while working as a Product Development Manager at famous tableware brand Jenggala, Bali, she established V Design.

Veny Lydiawati: “After the completion of my bachelor in Taiwan I went to Milan to study more in depth about product design, then fell in love and decided to specialize in ambiance lighting and lamps. There I learned that I like to draw on my native Indonesian culture and the inspiration it provides. I wrote my thesis about culture perspective of design. In the process of making lamps or candle holders I like to play with the relation between the material and the light which creates a special ambiance. Light is such a miracle, which can be surprising in many ways. I enjoy this process the most and this the journey led me to create my Interior Accessories design company.”

Normally we are looking for inspiration in nature, from playing with materials or the function we want the product to have and the way people will actually make use of the product. We try to see the interaction between the object which we would like to create, the people who will use it and the space where this object will be used.

Our collection contains lighting products, hotel room accessories, bathroom amenities and soft furnishing. Our products make the guests experience various ambiances by light reflection, beauty, perfume, shape, texture and color.

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