Essential Oils

Blend (beige colour)

We have created three blends for your space to produce three different ambiances:

ANTI MOSQUITO BLEND – which dispels mosquitoes and also energizes, uplifts and clears your space as it contains a blend of essential oils of kaffir lime, patchouli, cajuput, citronella, lemon grass and turmeric. It brings a sensation of joy, positivity and self-awareness so besides the practical use of bug repellant it brings wonderful sensations to your ambiance.

VANILLA COFFE – this blend comforts the senses with the rounded and soft vanilla oil and energizes and the same time with the coffee aroma. Contentment and energy for a relaxed activity in your space like swimming in the pool or waking up after a massage.Working area?

BALANCING BLEND – this blend is perfect for creating a rounding ambiance of relaxation, contentment and joy as it contains essential oils of patchouli, cinnamon, mint, ylang-ylang, lemon grass and galangal. This blend is excellent for living room spaces or relaxation areas.

Leafies (green color)

This group of essential oils is great for using on its own or blending to create your own atmosphere generally refreshing and uplifting properties:

TEA TREE – this essential oil has many amazing properties it stimulates the mood and also relieves from cough, colds and bronchitis. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and it is perfect for eliminating the toxins from blood so you can use it to clear the space from stuffiness and in beauty and massage areas.

LEMOGRASS – lemony but sweet scent of lemongrass boosts self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, and it uplifts spirits and fights depression. It is also excellent for deodorizing the space and cleansing the space from bacteria and bug repellant. It relieves tension in muscles and headaches so great to use in massage areas and spas but also in general areas.

GREEN TEA – used for many purposes of skin beautification this essential oil can is excellent as a deodorizer and refreshing the space as well as reducing the humidity. Great for spa areas.

CLOVE BUD – this warm and sweet smelling oil, which will often remind us of winter teas and gluh wine or grandmothers desserts is an excellent for encouraging and promoting a person’s healing, and stimulating the mind.

Flowers and fruits (orange color)

This group of essential oils is for balancing and relaxation and can be used on its own or mixed with the leafies.

Cananga (cenanga odorata) – the deep and firm floral aroma of this essential oil has been known to have relaxing and balancing properties and creating a feeling of harmony. It nourishes the positive emotions such as self-love, spirituality and confidence and brings body. Mind and spirit back into alignment. Great for use in general areas and spas.( Our Ylang2x and Cananga are 2 different Essential oil, we have both and we choose the Cananga one)

MAGNOLIA (cempaka putih) – this gorgeous flower with delicate floral and fruity aroma gives essential oil with calming and relaxing effect. It has been used for centuries in sacred ceremonies in India for enhancing wellbeing and increase self-confidence. Great for public areas or spas.

SWEET ORANGE – it promotes feeling of happiness and warmth when diffused in space as well as eliminate toxins from the body. It is great to relax tensed muscles and relieve depression. Its fragrant properties work great as a space refresher and stress relief. Excellent for use in large areas and restaurants to promote digestion.