Indonesia Product Design – Ceramic Candle Holder – Natural Dyes Fabric

Many of our designs were inspired by Indonesian cultures and colours. Some modernizations of traditional pattern can be found in our projects. We did some Balinesse projects and made it acceptable in local and international.

Atmosphere Lighting
Our main focus design is in Atmosphere Lighting Design. The design is based on Modern Atmosphere eco friendly Lighting concept. It is including table Lamp, hanging lamp, candle holder, oil burner, etc. Our design emphasizes on simplicity.
Our candle holder creates unique atmosphere for the ambience. It is flexible for outdoors and indoors, can be used for dinner or SPA ambience. We have ceramic candle holder and ceramic table lamp which is mix with recycle paper product line now and we will develop more choice for the future. We have 3 chatagories emotional choice ambiences here : romantic, tranquil, fun energetic.

Soft Furnishing
In our Soft furnishing product, we use different types of textile to create the unique cushion textures and feelings. Some of our design are Grass Cushion Cover, Hand woven Cushion Covers, Rugs , Fauna , Line Motif Cushion and many more. We are using Eco friendly natural dyes fabric here.

Gift and Accessories
We take pride in our Handmade products with modern touch design in it . Our base material are ceramic and natural dyed textile. We have gifts and ceramic accessories design series too, for example there is a serie of a necklace and a match bracelet with scarves. We put a personal touch in individual design.

We are creative , fresh, natural, young and chic.  We are using natural material which is inspirated by nature . Our main handmade product design materials are ceramic and textile, but sometimes they are combined with recycle paper, natural dyes, glass, bamboo or metal. All of the products are handmade, and environmentally friendly. Our products are not only aesthetic and harmony in appearance but also functional , comfortable and user friendly. They are fusion between nature, culture and technology.