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    We create the Ambiance your guest enjoy

    Design specialises in supplying 4 & 5 Star Beach Resort Hotels, Tropical Resorts, Trendy style Villas, Elegant Restaurants, Spas and Salons with contemporary designed hospitalty essentials that fit your brand to help you create the atmosphere your guest enjoy

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    • Create Beautiful Ambiance for Your Spa ambiance lighting products BAli


      By using light reflection, we create atmosphere and desired ambiance with an eco friendly concept.

    • Villa

      At VDesign we know that every space has a different propose, with different type of target client in mind.


    • Interior Designers

      15% off for 10 pieces minimal order

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    • Create Enchanted Ambiance for Your Dining Area


      Our contemporary design is inspired by Indonesian craftsmanship and natural materials.

    • Create Amazing Ambiance for the Weddings ambiance lighting products Bali


      Light is mysterious energy: Light nurtures emotions and bewitches vision.

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